Monday Intermediate & Advanced Tango Workshop

A great 2-hour session

Tango at an intermediate & advanced level. Class is designed for students who plan consistent and weekly attendance. This class enters into the heart & soul of tango, and is intended for students who have already studied their basics & fundamentals, and who are now ready to move forward. Students must have already achieved at least an intermediate level of proficiency. The basics will not be “retaught” (beginners should attend my “Sunday Tango Beginners’ Boot Camp” held every Sunday from 7 to 10 pm). Attendees must be willing to make a big commitment to regular, weekly, long-term attendance (not just “once in a while”).

Instructor: Paul Palmintere

A long-time Tango Veteran from Southern California, and is among the most highly qualified of tango instructors. He was a founder of the large Los Angeles Tango Community in 1986. He brings 30 years of training & experience to this dance, and has been a major instructor since 1994. He has trained extensively with a great many of the famous instructors of Buenos Aires. A highly experienced and respected teacher, Paul is well-remembered for his pioneering classes throughout Southern California: Hollywood, Burbank, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Redlands, San Bernardino, and Palm Springs.

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