Sunday Tango Beginners’ Boot Camp

For first-time students, beginners, and those continuing. This is a great 3-hour session designed to introduce beginning students to the World of Tango. Attendees should plan consistent, weekly attendance in order to benefit the most. Our night is full of drills, exercises, basics, fundamentals, dance technique, understanding the music, leading & following, and fun patterns for lead-and-follow social dancing. Three hours have been scheduled to adequately do justice to all aspects of tango, and to prepare students for entry into higher-level classes. In fact, this boot camp will be everything a beginner needs to get started. This is a really fun evening!

Instructor: Paul Palmintere

A long-time Tango Veteran from Southern California, and is among the most highly qualified of tango instructors. He was a founder of the large Los Angeles Tango Community in 1986. He brings 30 years of training & experience to this dance, and has been a major instructor since 1994. He has trained extensively with a great many of the famous instructors of Buenos Aires. A highly experienced and respected teacher, Paul is well-remembered for his pioneering classes throughout Southern California: Hollywood, Burbank, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Redlands, San Bernardino, and Palm Springs.

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